5 Rationale For Online Tuition Classes In India

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Online tuition classes is a revolution in the education market nowadays. Before that, we had seen a revolution was made by video lectures. Before 2011 India was not in the state to think this much business in the education field. But now many companies like byjus, vedantu, unacdemy and many more made it possible. Online tuition was started by many companies before 2010 but they focused on outside of India market and they failed. After that vedantu stated it in 2014 and get a positive result from India only. Nowadays if we will discuss business in education the main focus of all companies is 6th to 12th segment but before it was in competitive examination preparation only.

Let’s discuss about online tuition in India, its business pattern, benefits for students, parents and teachers.

coronavirus effect

I am writing this on 24th March 2020. So, let’s discuss today’s scenario 1st. Now we are struggling with coronavirus and clear advisory by govt. Of India to stay at home don’t go outside unnecessarily. That’s why students going to coaching centres cant continue their classes. As well many students are taking home tuition they also can’t continue because the teacher is not ready to come to their place right now. So, in this state of things every student and teachers are preferring online tuition classes. Parents also found it safe and secure medium to continue classes now.

No area bar to find tutor

Don’t have to find a tutor nearby. I am living in new town area in Kolkata India. This is a newly developed township in Kolkata. That’s why not that much private teachers are living here and not that much coaching institutes are also available here. And many locations I had seen in not only in Kolkata, in many cities in India that good tuition centres availability is In a comparison of that availability of teacher is very easy in online tuition.

Save the time of travelling.

Students and teachers are saving their time of travel. If a student is taking classes in coaching centre then at least 30 mins travelling time he/she have to spend to reach coaching or tuition centre. Or if a student is taking home tuition then teacher have to spend at least 30mins to 1 hour travelling time.

Can find teachers easily for online tuition classes.

Find a teacher for online tuition classes is very easy. You can contact gurusiksha by visiting on the website. Gurusiksha connects online tutor in just 15 mins. Take a free demo class 1st and finalize. We can’t judge a teacher by degree. May be student can’t learn better with a teacher with more experience and more degree. And can easily understand a teacher who understands the student and know how to teach them.

Can record live classes for further reference.

We can record all classes in a live platform and can use again at exam time. And through videos student can easily revise their classes. This is only possible with online tuition classes.

Online tuition classes having lots of benefits.

Many points I had not discussed here. We had already written about benifis of online tuition classes in our blog. Today I posting this because of the coronavirus effect in the whole world. This time govt. Authorities had advised us to stay at home. So, through online tuition classes, we can continue our education easily. Find your perfect tutor with gurusiksha.

5 Rationale For Online Tuition Classes In India

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