How Effective Is Online Tuition For Class 12?

Online Tuition For Class 12

In India, one of the biggest hurdles high school students face is the class 12th Board exams. From parents to tutors, everyone is concerned about the student’s future. The reason being that the career goal of high school students depends a lot on this exam.

In simple terms, the percentage of class 12th board exam decides the course of the career of a student. If the student wants to pursue higher studies from abroad, then also his/her marks on class 12th board matters. They need to show exceptional results in the exams. Plus 12th-grade results are also important if a person wants to opt for an MBA program. As to enrol in top institute IIMs, the 12th board marks weigh heavily to get admission.

These facts speak volume as to why students should focus on 12th board exams so much. Therefore, one should not take a risk with their future and should enrol themselves intuitions. One of the best ways to enhance your studies and grade is through online tuition.

This article gives brief information as to why online tuition for class 12 is more effective.

The Key Factors About The Effectiveness Of Online Tuitions:

From the last two years, online tuition in India has seen a 20% rise in demand. Especially during the times of these pandemics. No parents would risk their child’s safety to go out for tuition classes. With this uprise of online tuitions, the method of learning has also improved a lot. Below are the points to consider the effectiveness of online learning, and why the student should enroll themselves in such programs?

  1. One-To-One Interaction:

Are you concerned that your child is not getting the required attention from tutors? And searching for “tuition teacher for class 12 near me”, then this is what you are looking for.

In schools, one-to-one interaction may not be possible, and the child had to learn all the concepts within that period. However, in Online learning, students get personalised attention from the tutor that is one-on-one lessons. This decision will help the child to get to solve the queries anytime they want to. Plus, parents and students get the flexibility to select a tutor.

  1. Better Hold Of The Subjects:

This point is one of the perks of online tuition for class 12. Online learning with its various methods helps the students get a better hold of the subjects and difficult concepts. The customized leaning helps the high school student develop a keen eye on a particular subject or topic. One of the biggest boons is that they can clarify their doubts instantly.

The tutors also make the learning fun and easy, as to increase the interest of the students. They even get to know tips and tricks for making the difficult topics easy to learn.

  1. Provides Regular Assessment Reports:

One of the ways to know the weak topic is through assessments. This factor is the most effective point to consider while opting for tuition classes. The more they practice, the more the student will be confident. In online tuitions, tutors offer practice questions on a regular basis, which creates a stronghold on the particular subject. Through one-to-one interaction, the tutor can assess the student’s both weak and strong points.

Online learning also gives flexibility to parents, to directly contact the tutor at any time. And they can also be aware of their child current status through the reports made by the tutor.

  1. Provides Flexibility In Attending Classes:

There are times when a child is unable to attend the class due to unavoidable situations like bad health. The absence from the school can lead the student to miss important concepts. Similar is the case with offline tuitions. To avoid loss, the best approach is to have online tuition classes.

Online learning gives malleability, in attending classes, as they can be postponed in emergencies. They can book and re-book classes any time they want. This way, the student won’t have to worry about missing any topic. Irrespective of this advantage, students can also access recorded videos, if they want to re-learn a concept again.

  1. Saves Travelling Cost:

This extremity is to make all of us aware of one of the most important benefits of attending an online class. Time management and energy is a note factor for any student. With the help of online classes, they can approach any study material, sessional videos without wasting their time, energy, and money on travelling.

They need not travel those long hours to reach to the tuition classes. All they need is a good platform for online tuition and then can study in the comfort of their home.


The best platform that can provide class 12th students with the best mentorship and study material is Gurusiksha. Gurusiksha understands the importance of these exams and hence will make the best efforts. So, as to make the students excel.

How Effective Is Online Tuition For Class 12?

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