How Has Online Tuition Platform Helped Teachers During Pandemic

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Teaching is a very different matter in India when compared with the bipolar process of the western world. India is adopting a similar method, but this is not true in ancient times. The teacher would impart their knowledge through vocation only. Books and notebooks came into existence and, the subject got widened. The teaching method change but the value of a teacher is still as sacred as it was in ancient times. Now comes another immense change with the boon of technology, but still people prefer offline, rather than online.

Then with the spread of covid-19, the importance of technology in teaching is seen. The teachers also preferred this mode and online tuition got started. These online tuitions are substantial help for the teacher. This online tool becomes a helping hand for a teacher like maintaining, records of student, their progress, and recorded video on a topic. The shifts of these works toward digital platform reduce a lot of efforts and time for everyone

Benefits Of An Online Teaching Platform For Teachers?

The opportunities that were grasped by teachers with online teaching platforms during the pandemic were endless. They were efficiently delivering online classes to a plethora of students. The online dashboard provides an abundance of facilities such as maintaining a track record of students, uploading e-learning materials in the form of videos and pdf and revising their curriculum to every tutor.

Another supremacy of online tuitions was the flexibility it provides. It allowed teachers to hold effective governance of the subjects. According to a study report, it inculcated that teachers were happier to teach online as the response from students was superior. Additionally, teachers had more compatibility as they were able to teach the subject in more depth regardless of barrier in time.

Positive Impacts Of Online Platforms

As this hot trend of online tuition increased in the pandemic, the administrating challenges of offline classes seemed to decrease in online tuitions. It also increased the teacher’s concentration to monitor multiple students at a time. The teacher’s desk was well-maintained and organized in the dashboard provided by online tuitions. It avoids the risk of mismanagement that sometimes happened.

Teachers also reported that with online tuitions, maintaining periodic exams, quizzes and scorecards was quite quick and easy. Online platforms gave them a diverse experience as it connected them with different students who have different cultures, disciplines, and backgrounds. Hence, online teaching can take a teacher to the national level from the regional level.

Online teachers reported that students were more active and engaging during online tuition classes. The e-teaching inculcated more tuning and compatibility between a student and a teacher. Due to the one-on-one session provided by online tuition, the interaction increased and the query rate decreased. Even the shy students seemed to be more comfortable during these sessions.

Which Platforms Deliver Best Online Tutoring?

According to a recent survey, 75% of teachers have stated that online tuitions were more effective in a pandemic than the traditional ones. The prior benefit, which every teacher received through online tuition was the convenience and ease of it. Online teaching brought a revolution in the education sector and introduced more benefits and opportunities to the teacher.

Furthermore, the online platform is a proven method for teachers and students to learn and teach efficiently. Gurusikhsha is the most competent platform that provides top-quality tutor and learning to every individual. Every concept is made clear to every student by the most qualified teachers in an interactive manner. This online platform acts as a connecting bridge between tutors and students to provide qualitative and quantitative learning. The use of this platform will help every individual to nourish their future. These things lead to a new India and a new start for teachers and students alike.

How Has Online Tuition Platform Helped Teachers During Pandemic

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