Some Important Highlights Of The Tokyo Olympics

2021 Tokyo Olympics

The much-awaited Tokyo Olympics begin on July 23rd. The Tokyo Olympics covered swimming, gymnastics, and other sports one after the other. It must be noted that this Olympics will be conducted in 2021 but still it is known as Tokyo 2020. This Olympics was delayed due to the outbreak of the corona virus pandemic. But it was time no further delay was noticed. The Tokyo Olympics started in the evening according to Tokyo time. It was 7 AM. East and 4 AM. in Pacific. Rowing preliminaries, Archery, Softball, and Soccer games are involved in the Tokyo Olympics.


Structure of Olympics

The Olympic Games take place over 16 days. The team events stretch the most. The remaining covers a brief period. Gymnastic swimming is held in the early days.

End of Olympics

Finally, the Olympics will end on the 8th of August at 8 o’clock in the evening, according to the 7:00 A.M eastern time and 4 AM Pacific time.

Kamalpreet Kaur from India secured the sixth position. She had a best throw of 60-3.70 on Monday. Kamalpreet Kaur was the second-best qualifier. The competition was interrupted by rain which lasted for more than an hour. The Indian women’s hockey on Monday beat other semi-finals also.

Day 9 of the Olympic Games advanced with historic bronze. On day 9 India won another medal. This medal was won by PV Sindhu after defeating China. She was the fourth female player to win the consecutive middle.

Day 6

The live Congress of the Tokyo Olympics was conducted and it was acknowledged that the basics were a rollercoaster day for India. PV Sindhu stormed in women’s singles badminton. Puja Rani who is a boxer reached the pre-quarter in the middleweight category. Deepika Kumar who is known as the world number one Archer rounded off with 16. India suffered defeat in the Tokyo Olympics in women’s hockey.

History of Olympic game

History of Olympic game

The Olympic Games began some in 2300 years ago. The origin of the Olympic Games was dependent on the ancient Greece Olympia area. There are different theories on the initial purpose but the game started with festive art and worship of gods. The ancient Olympic Games however ended in 393. The modern Olympic Games started after 1500 years. It started when the ancient Olympic Games became invisible in the eyes of the audience. In the 19th century, the modern Olympic Games started. This Olympic game was approved by international Congress areas and the other five rings devised representations.

You must know that the father of the Olympic movement is Jigoro Kano. He contributed to the propagation of judo. He was also appointed to the International Olympic committee to realize the participation of athletes in the Olympics. The selection of these athletes was carried out in 1911. From Olympism, the word Olympic originated. It is an elevation of soul and mind that helps to overcome the difference between cultural friendship, solitary fair play, and nationalities. The Olympics are ultimately a contribution towards betterment and peace in the world. The philosophy of the Olympics slowly passed down to the individual. Hence Coubertin was known as the father of the modern Olympics. Recently, the Olympics may provide an exciting theme to the whole world.

Importance of Olympics from current affairs point of view

Day six of the Tokyo Olympics resulted in an evening starring Archer Atanu Das. North Korea is not participating in the Tokyo Olympics 2020 due to covid. More than 11018 minutes with 206 countries participating in the 2020 Summer Olympics. This Olympics has brought thousands of athletes together to compete in the global arena. The champions are declared as the best with silver, gold, and bronze medals. Tokyo was only chosen to host the Olympics of 2020. It was chosen by the International Olympic committee in 2013. The other cities were Madrid and Istanbul.


The first Summer Olympic game in Asia was held in 1964

Olympic game in Asia was held in 1964

One of the most important points is that the Paralympics museum will be introduced in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. The Paralympics Games will be introduced for the second time but first in Tokyo. The Motto is united by emotion. It equals true inclusion and diversity. As discussed above, the Olympics are a way to maintain peace and unite the nation together. Altogether there will be 33 Olympic sports and 22 Paralympics sports in Tokyo 2020. It will be held in more than 40 places around Tokyo. Japan produced Olympic medals that count 5000. All these medals were recycled from 78985 tons of electronic devices. These devices included handled games, digital cameras, laptops, and 6.21 million mobile phones.

However, this blog will help you to understand the history of the Olympics. It will help you to expand your general knowledge too. Read the blog carefully so that you can attempt all the current affairs MCQ questions in your exam.

Some Important Highlights Of The Tokyo Olympics

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