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Let’s grab some attention. What is the need to have olympiads in school? Here’s is the answer to the question. To increase knowledge and to increase competition among students, olympiads always take place. The international olympiad intended to bring students to the stage of the world. In the competition, the students of secondary and higher secondary levels are built-in. These categories of students participate together in a friendly competition of the higher level. Olympiads instantly don’t provide any carrier option but, it provide the impulse to start the carrier with science and maths.

The olympiads provide the division in cerebral tasks and challenges. The olympiad is not necessarily a competition, it is a collaboration of young and innovative minds who had a future to build a new world of incredible things. To nourish these minds olympiads, are generally organized in schools. Olympiads test is in two subjects maths and science.

What is the impact that has been facing by the olympiads platform? Due to the covid 19 pandemic, the curriculum that should be done by schools to complete the syllabus has been affected. Olympiads platforms like International mathematics olympiad(IMO), European girls olympiads(EGO), Indian Olympiad Qualifier in mathematics (IOQM), had widely been affected due to the prevailing covid 19 situation.

Online tutors help students to cope with the syllabus in the corona pandemic through the online study material.

Tips for crack IOQM:

  1. Revision is the most predominant rule to provoke active learning. That should be making as a habit by every student in their study schedule. It keeps the memories refreshed with all cardinal and primary formulas and fundamentals.
  2. Manage your time accordingly. Choose the appropriate time for study when your brain is active enough. Either it is the morning or evening. But at night according to your convenience. If you are comfortable, then go for it but if you are not, don’t ruin your brain power at night.
  3. Taking breaks is between the study pattern is necessary. It helps in absorbing the information in the brain.
  4. Avoid always reading the same thing again and again. Try to build a concept out of the topic. This will help you to remember the topic for a longer period.
  5. Set your goals for everyday learning.
  6. Try to clear your doubts as soon as possible.
  7. Practice time-bound question paper and question.
  8. Choose one study material. Try not to jump too much study material at one time.
  9. Home tuition will guide you for the crash course.

Stages to qualify and selected for International mathematics olympiads:

Everyone is quite eager to know how the selection procedure had done for selection. So let’s have the answer

Previously when everything was normal, the selection procedure used to six-step longer to qualify in International mathematics olympiads. The olympiad begins with two rounds of the selection procedure. The stages are (PRMO) (Pre regional level) and (RMO) regional level. But due to the ongoing pandemic, the authorities decided to put the two stages in one stage and name it IOQM. That reduces the six-stage procedure to five phases.


1– IOQM(for the year 2020-2021). This test consists of a 3-hour paper-pen test with 30 questions. The answers to these questions in integer form it is either one or zero. The students who get qualified in the first stage get selected for the Indian national mathematics olympiad(INMO).The date for IOQM 2021 is 17th January 2021.

1- Indian National Mathematics Olympiad(INMO) the duration is four hours paper -pen test. Six questions will be there each from the topics like geometry, algebra, and number theory.

3- International Mathematics Olympiad Training Camp(IMOTC) is the third stage selection process. Thirty-six students after the clearance of stage2, are put for further training in the camp. In the camp, the students are school by the most significant mathematician. After ending schooling and training team of six students is selected for further competition.

4- This stage is known as the pre-departure stage. This is the most prime stage. In this stage, the student has to clear meticulous criteria at HBCSE before proceeding to the International Mathematics Olympiad(IMO).

5- After commencement of the exam six students along with four teachers move for further proceeding.

The topic that is foremost for the olympiad point.

Proper practice and proper concentration make a person ready for any competitive exam. Practice these topics to solve the questions easily.

Number theory, Algebra, Geometry, Combinatorics, Sequence series are the heightened topics that need to study and practice properly. The maximum question on Geometry one that includes Quadrilateral and Circle, geometry 2 includes circle and Tangents, Geometry 3 includes important theorems. In

number theory

• HCF, LCM, and Euclid
• Congruence
• Divisibility & Perfect Squares
• Diophantine Equation
• IMP Theorems

Algebra includes

• Nature of roots, common roots, Transformation.
• Analysis of Graph, linear equation


• Arrangement and Selection.

• Circular Arrangement and Distribution of objects.

•Arrangement and Number of and Divisors Selection.

Sequence includes

• Series Vn method, Sequence

•Sequence and AP Series

• Summation, HP Series and SequenceAGP,


In metropolitan cities, distance is the problem to reach the study center at the time. Online tuition in Bangalore and home tuition in Delhi deliver a great platform for learning and practicing rightly.

Tips & Topics to Crack IOQM Exam With The Help Of Tuition Classes

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