Jyoti nagwanshi kundara

Certified     Registered       Teacher   Kolkata Female 15 Classes : 6th to 8th, College Level Subjects : BCA, Hindi, Mathematics, Science, Social Science

About Me : challenging pursuit in a reputed organization, where I can utilize my skill & strength to achieve the organizations goals & objectives and get an opportunity to expand them and where I can explore my knowledge for the development of organization, as an active member of a dynamic team while developing my skills yet further in emerging fields.

Achievement : Data Mining for Business Intelligence Published in National Conference 2009 held at Maharaja Ranjit College of Professional Science Indore. Re-engineering of Mobile Computing Techniques Selected in National Conference April 2009 ,TamilNadu. Data Mining for Business Intelligence Published at National Conference "FCA-09" held at ITM Gwalior. The Advanced Technique KDD for Data Mining Published in National Conference on Knowledge Management Nov-09,OIST Bhopal. Cryptographic Message Syntax ,Published in National Conference on emerging Trends in Computing March-10 held at SD Bansal Indore.