Swati Pendharkar

Certified     Registered       Teacher   Kolkata Female 5+

Competitive Exam

IIT Preparation   NEET Preparation  

6th to 8th


9th to 12th

Chemistry   Physics  

About Me : I am passionate about teaching. I try to explain the complicated concepts of chemistry in the most comprehensive and interactive way.

Achievement : My teaching method is: *Complicated topics made Easy * Excellent explanation *Focused Approach: My approach is Result Oriented Understanding of the Topics using Visual techniques. * those examples are sited which are used in our day to day life, using pictorial descriptions, so it's easier for the students to imagine and understand the concept well.  * Time Utilisation: Effective use of technology while delivering lectures, which are time and energy efficient from student's point of view. *The pace of teaching is as per the students capabilities. *Stress is laid on understanding the basics. * Reasonable rates *Class structure would be either group or individual