yogendra chavan

Certified     Registered       Teacher   Kolkata Male 6 year's of teaching experience for 8th 9th 10th regular, foundation. 3 years of teaching experience for 11th and 12th STD REGULAR, JEE, NEET.

Competitive Exam


9th to 12th


About Me : I have taught variety of students for the last six years and I can able to motivate them to study and get successful in their exams. I relate the subject with day to day life of students so that they can understand the concepts very clearly and apply them to solve the problems.

Achievement : Teaching from last 6 years ( from 2014 till today). Diploma M1, M2, M3 teaching experience of 2 years. Engg. Degree Graphics teaching for 1 year. 8th 9th 10th IIT Foundation teaching from last 4 years. Physics State board / CBSE teaching from last 3 years. (2017 District topper in physics Sonika Sheron APS was from my Batch and many more). Teaching physics for JEE and NEET from last 3 years.