After the completion of a chapter or syllabus a student can take a test in this section or can practice the quizzes to assess himself/herself that how much they are prepared for their upcoming exams. Self assessment is very essential for scoring good marks in the examination. Whether it is a Board exam or if you are preparing for any other competitive national level exam for getting scholarships like NTSE,OLYMPIADS, NSTE, NEET, JEE, NSTSE, and KVPY self assessment and solving quizzes can help you in understanding the current status of your preparation. Now if it is online quizzing then your preparation will get different level of hike for your upcoming examination.

• Helps in understanding the current status of preparation:-

Whenever you are preparing for an examination then there are certain important aspects that may bother you in the examination hall. There may be certain concepts which are critical in nature you cannot remember those concepts then a rigorous practice on such concepts can help you to get overcome from this problem. After completion of a chapter if you take an online test on this particular chapter then you will clearly understand that where you are facing the difficulty and on which areas you need to improve.

• Step by step improvement is possible:-

Repetition is an important part of learning once you give a test then you can easily identify the areas where you need to improve and what are the parameters you need to improve like it may be time, deficiency of knowledge, or you may have forgotten the concepts that you have learnt in your study sessions. On all this factors a self assessment test can prove to be a great help for the preparation of the students.

•Will boost up your confidence level:-

Depending on the exam and syllabus pattern questions are set in the examination. More a candidate solve question or quizzes better will be his/her preparation. Two ways improvement will be possible first the candidate will get a better insight of the question patterns and second the time management part will also get improved. With continuous solving of the answers the self confidence of the candidate will also get improved.

How Gurusiksha can help your child to prepare well for the examination?

• In our assessment section we have numerous quizzes option available using which your child can easily make his or her preparation for the upcoming examination. • Time management skills will get improve when a candidate solve the question in the given limited period of time. The reason being the timer will automatically stop once the time is over. Hence, your child needs to be pro active in choosing the right set of questions that will help him to fetch good score. • Will increase the interest on the subject in which your child gets terrified a through revision is also possible using our panel for each subject for each chapter and for each exam. So, we ensure that your child receive the best assistance from us so that he / she can score good marks in the examinations.

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Ways to improve the level of preparation through self assessment

Today, in every board the syllabus is quite huge. After completing one chapter the tutor will jump in to another chapter and the chapter which is being already finished the student may get forget. Hence to remember the concepts in a proper manner rigorous quiz attainment is important. This will help the student to remember the concepts in a proper manner. Self assessment is very important for scoring well in the exam. Just you need to self judge your potential every time in order to brush up your concepts and learning in a proper manner. Most of the time students feel nervous about the examination. Only giving rigorous test and examination can help the students in achieving the desired result they want. Checking the potential of the preparation is very important for scoring well in the exam. If you want to score high in the exam then rigorous practice is very important.

After going through the concepts for several times a student feels confident.

But if time is less and more preparation you need to make for the exam. Then the best option is to go through the important questions of the chapter. This will give your child a rough idea of the entire chapter and will help them in scoring well in the exam.
Sometimes self assessment can easily trigger up the preparation. It can help the candidates in generating new ideas for making the way of preparation easy.
Hence let’s get in to the details that on which areas students will get benefitted by attending our online quizzes. Just you need to crosscheck the facts about this matter. So, let’s get in to the details about this matter.

• Helps in developing the right strategy

Learning concepts and formulas is the primary task of the students but to upgrade your preparation to the next level proper strategy implementation is very important. This is why our quizzes can help the students in making them aware of their level of preparation. Students can easily understand where they need to make improvement.

• Helps you to learn new techniques to solve problems

After giving an online mock test student will understand on what areas they will need to improve. The areas of their strength and weakness become clear to them. This helps them to develop new techniques they can apply to solve the problems or questions in small span of time. Thus it will enhance your scoring rate at a faster pace.

• Improve your time management skills:-

If your child gives self assessment test then for sure it will improve his/her time management skills. The reason being in limited time they have to solve different questions or a particular question set. In giving such a test students will get the idea that on which section of question they will spend what amount of time.

• Allows you to analyze yourself before the exam

Before the exam you need to analyze the level of preparation. This can only be possible if you practice rigorously and continuously. In this case, online mock test can help your child to make a better preparation for the exam. This will help your child to progress well in the upcoming competitive exams too.

• Better understanding of the concept

You child can understand the concept well when they perform rigorous practices. More they practice more rapidly they can learn. Better to say that only quality practices can help them to perform well in the exam. Only quality tutor along with their proper guidance can help your child to perform well in the exam.

• Helps students in making right attempt in the questions

Each and every sections of the question paper can be handled properly if the students get the correct idea about the question paper. This thing will only be possible if the students get the correct better understanding of the question paper in a proper manner. For this our self assessment test section can help the child for preparing them well for the exam.

Why to choose Gurusiksha?

We provide the most innovative solutions to the students so that we can deliver our best solutions to the students. Our best mentors can help the child to perform well in the exam. Just you need to keep yourself alert about our current exam pattern.


⭐ How Gurusiksha works for Tutors?

Gurusiksha, a business unit of Prameya education pvt. Ltd., our services for tutors are totally based on android application available on google play store. All you need to download our app and register over there by clicking on “Mentor sing up” option. After submit all details and KYC verification on home page you will get to know about the details of verified students as per your chosen segment.

⭐ How Gurusiksha works for students?

All the student connections on app are organic. Guardian need to fill up their enquiry on our landing page, with all contact (for OTP verification) and class details. After that our LCE (Lead Confirmation Executive) from Quality Management Team has call and recheck and verify those details. If anything we found wrong (wrong number/not required/ by mistake etc.) we do not update that connection on our app. After updating on app, only 5 teachers can apply on particular lead. And guardian has select from them as per their requirement, fees, time and location.

⭐ Is it important to verify KYC and documents?

Yes, it is mandatory to submit your address proof and last qualification certificate to verify their profile with Gurusiksha.

⭐ How to solve app and profile based issues?

To resolve any kind of technical issues regarding app or profile, feel free to post your query in “enquiry” option on our app.

⭐ What is wallet? Is it mandatory to purchase a package to apply on a verified lead?

Yes, as we provide only verified connections, each lead has cost a certain amount which actually deducted from your own wallet. To recharge your wallet you need to purchase a particular package as per your requirement. All packages are having lifetime validity.

⭐ What are the benefits of different packages?

Gurusiksha have different packages for mentors. As per requirement a mentor can select to recharge wallet. Though leads are remains same in each segment, but additional benefits of every package are mentioned in app properly.

⭐ What if I have low wallet balance, but need more 1-2 students?

We have a special short package to top up your wallet after main package.

⭐ What kind of refund policy Gurusiksha has covered?

If anyone unable to find a single lead on homepage of our app within a period of 30 days from the date of recharge as per chosen segment (within 5 -10km radius for home tuition), then the total amount in the wallet will be refunded to the teacher if he claims for the same. If we are unable to provide you at least 8 leads within a period of 6 months as per your preferred segment (within 10 km radius of mentioned address for home tuition) then the total amount in the wallet will be refunded to the teacher on his claim.

⭐ How to take classes through Gurusiksha?

Leads are being verified over the phone by our LCE (Lead confirmation Executive) department and finally offered to our tutors in app. Only 5 teachers can apply on particular lead. After applying from homepage, the lead goes to the applied lead section. After getting contact details teacher need to call the guardian for demo. All the above mentioned lead details will not interfere or provide any sort of coverage regarding demo, Fees, timing, distance and duration that is being chosen by the teacher. All these things fall under the negotiable part between the teacher and the parents.

⭐ Why choose gurusiksha?

Gurusiksha is a number one emerging educational technological brand in India. It has change the concept of educational marketplace of India. In the perspective of student, we provide qualified and professional teachers, as well as if monitor a teacher’s point of view, we provide verified student connection, so that it will be easier to them to convert a tuition. Because of all this Gurusiksha had acquire a great place in market in very less time.