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Within the proximity of your home get the assistance of the best online as well as offline teachers to nourish the preparation of your child. Online live sessions are provided here to clarify the concepts and to provide education in the most interactive manner.

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Gurusiksha bridges the gap between the great mentors and students need. provides online as well as offline assistance to the students so they can solving their queries and doubts. strongly believe in providing the best online as well as offline tuitions to the students. Use our Gurusiksha app to collect the required information of your subject starting from class VI- Class XII along with other school level competitive exams.

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How Gurusiksha Works

How gurusiksha works




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Our student’s & parent’s VOICE

Our students are our first concern and bringing smile in the face of the parents is our objective. When students score’s well in the exam this becomes the happiest moment that we rejoice among ourselves for successfully building their career in the right track. Millions of satisfied guardians are enrolled with us for giving their ward the best online mentorship and guidance to their child.

Latest News & blogs

In our platform you will get the latest news of our services as well as the news of the examination that your student will give. We also provide news on various school level competitive exams in our online platform so, every of our students will get instatnt news about all national and state level examinations. Just you need to stay updated and download our Gurusiksha app to get the most updated news of the current exams.

The Idea Of Some Unique Activities To Engage Your Child At Home

The Idea Of Some Unique Activities To Engage Your Child At Home

In contemporary society, it is often observed that elders in a family are engaged with their busy schedule and due to this children affect extremely. Although a child spends most of the time in school. However, in the situation of the Corona outbreak, schools are closed for which children have to spend time at their home. Therefore,

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  • 15th Sep 2020
Some Last-Minute Exam Tips To Achieve The Best Score

Some Last-Minute Exam Tips To Achieve The Best Score

When exams knock at the door, students worry about how to score well. In most of the cases, it has been seen that students take their exam preparation for a long time but cannot perform as per their expectation in the exam hall. The score of the exams matters highly in India to enter into the higher

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Why Is E-Learning In Trend In Contemporary Society?

Why Is E-Learning In Trend In Contemporary Society?

The Internet and technology have made human life flexible in every aspect and education is not an exception. The technology has entered into the classrooms in the form of devices and online tools. Therefore through the high penetration of technology in the educational system, e-learning has become a significant trend in contemporary society. But what is e-learning?

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  • 4th Sep 2020


⭐ What is Gurusiksha?

Girusiksha is an online platform for tutors and students. Students can avail the opportunity of quality learning in the area of their preference by staying at home. Also if tutors have the knowledge and they want to earn money by providing virtual education to these students, then, Gurusiksha is the accurate platform. Gurusiksha will provide you with the utmost facility in your learning or tutoring such as payment flexibility, time flexibility and so on. We do KYC verification of the teacher and ensure you about quality learning. Also, tutors will achieve verified students from us. Gurusiksha is the most secure online tuition and learning platform in India.

⭐ Is every Gurusiksha teacher an expert?

All the tutors of Gurusikha are highly qualified and expert in their area. We are concerned in this area to ensure you the best guidance in learning. We provide special attention to find the right talent for you. We pick our teachers based on their right professionalism and high academic knowledge. In this way, we select our teacher carefully and support the best learning experience constantly. We can guarantee you to provide knowledge from the expert and experienced faculty. We never compromise with the quality of learning.

⭐ How Gurusiksha can provide better classes than home tuition?

Gurusiksha offers you a lot of courses for your competitive exam, courses for the toddlers, even extracurricular activities. You will not get all these varieties, in-home tuition classes. Apart from this, in Gurusiksha you can learn as per your time convenience. We will provide you time flexibility where in-home tuition you will not achieve this facility. Also, home tuition classes majorly focus on class revision and homework completion. But we emphasize on providing you additional knowledge and experience of learning. Also, you can take your learning in your familiar environment in Gurusiksha rather than a classroom environment.

⭐ How do you ensure that I can get personalized education?

We provide you with a huge variety of courses from which you can choose as per your interest. Also, we will provide you time flexibility, so that you can take your learning according to your time convenience. We will provide study materials also as per your needs and fulfilling your requirements. Besides this, you will get several tutors from which you can selec tutors for your subject. Therefore, in this way, you can personalize your learning experience in Gurusiksha.

⭐ How Gurusiksha works for Tutors?

Gurusiksha, a business unit of Prameya education pvt. Ltd., our services for tutors are totally based on android application available on google play store. All you need to download our app and register over there by clicking on “Mentor sing up” option. After submit all details and KYC verification on home page you will get to know about the details of verified students as per your chosen segment.

⭐ How Gurusiksha works for students?

All the student connections on app are organic. Guardian need to fill up their enquiry on our landing page, with all contact (for OTP verification) and class details. After that our LCE (Lead Confirmation Executive) from Quality Management Team has call and recheck and verify those details. If anything we found wrong (wrong number/not required/ by mistake etc.) we do not update that connection on our app. After updating on app, only 5 teachers can apply on particular lead. And guardian has select from them as per their requirement, fees, time and location.

⭐ Is it important to verify KYC and documents?

Yes, it is mandatory to submit your address proof and last qualification certificate to verify their profile with Gurusiksha.

⭐ How to solve app and profile based issues?

To resolve any kind of technical issues regarding app or profile, feel free to post your query in “enquiry” option on our app.

⭐ What is wallet? Is it mandatory to purchase a package to apply on a verified lead?

Yes, as we provide only verified connections, each lead has cost a certain amount which actually deducted from your own wallet. To recharge your wallet you need to purchase a particular package as per your requirement. All packages are having lifetime validity.

⭐ What are the benefits of different packages?

Gurusiksha have different packages for mentors. As per requirement a mentor can select to recharge wallet. Though leads are remains same in each segment, but additional benefits of every package are mentioned in app properly.

⭐ What if I have low wallet balance, but need more 1-2 students?

We have a special short package to top up your wallet after main package.

⭐ What kind of refund policy Gurusiksha has covered?

If anyone unable to find a single lead on homepage of our app within a period of 30 days from the date of recharge as per chosen segment (within 5 -10km radius for home tuition), then the total amount in the wallet will be refunded to the teacher if he claims for the same. If we are unable to provide you at least 8 leads within a period of 6 months as per your preferred segment (within 10 km radius of mentioned address for home tuition) then the total amount in the wallet will be refunded to the teacher on his claim.

⭐ How to take classes through Gurusiksha?

Leads are being verified over the phone by our LCE (Lead confirmation Executive) department and finally offered to our tutors in app. Only 5 teachers can apply on particular lead. After applying from homepage, the lead goes to the applied lead section. After getting contact details teacher need to call the guardian for demo. All the above mentioned lead details will not interfere or provide any sort of coverage regarding demo, Fees, timing, distance and duration that is being chosen by the teacher. All these things fall under the negotiable part between the teacher and the parents.

⭐ Why choose gurusiksha?

Gurusiksha is a number one emerging educational technological brand in India. It has change the concept of educational marketplace of India. In the perspective of student, we provide qualified and professional teachers, as well as if monitor a teacher’s point of view, we provide verified student connection, so that it will be easier to them to convert a tuition. Because of all this Gurusiksha had acquire a great place in market in very less time.