In our online tutoring and mentoring platform students will get step by step guidance from the most qualified teachers of the states in their respective subject of specialization.
Sometimes, it may happen that while you hire a private tutor for your word then they may not understand the topic which they are taught in school and in tuitions due to certain disturbances or rush. But now this problem will be over as the students will get personalized guidance from the best mentors of the state in the online mode.

Benefits of seeking our services

We in Gurusiksha focus our attention on providing the students the best online tuition classes from the best mentors of the state. So let’s explore some of the important benefits of our services.

Flexibility and Affordability

Our online tuitions classes are very easy to get and very affordable in rate. The Best teachers of the state will get in touch with your candidate to prepare them well for the exam. Better to say all upcoming exams including all the school level competitive exams from class VI to XII. Our newly launched online app version can be easily accessible to provide help to the students at any place at any time.

Providing free study material

Getting quality study material is a very difficult this day’s. The reason being the cost of the books and the private tuitions is rising at a faster pace. Even teacher don’t share their quality study materials for free with the students. On the contrary they charge higher prices for that. In that scenario we are providing you with top quality study materials and proper guidance along with that absolutely free. We are focused on the well being the student’s academic career. Hence we provide free study materials to the students.

Quality mentors within your proximity

It is our conviction to provide you with quality tuitions within the proximity of your locality. This may happen that you are searching for a quality tutor at your locality but unable to find one. In that case our vertex mentors can prove to be the best solution for you. In our online portal best mentors of your locality has already made their registrations and hence you can get the assistance of such a mentor from our online platform.

Any time query resolve

It is quite natural that while studying any topic or chapter a student may face any difficulty or problem. In that scenario he/she can raise their question in our website or in our app. Within 24 hours their problems will be resolved or their question will be answered by our teachers. Our pool of teachers will solve your doubts or query in a simple manner so that it can be easily understood by you. We focus our attention towards your quality preparation for the exam.

Hence it is our conviction to provide you are best and innovative services to keep your child updated and exam ready. Our teachers are dedicated in providing their best services to the student’s online as well as offline. So, it’s time to shake hands with the innovative learning experience with Gurusiksha to keep yourself updated and ahead in the face of stiff competition.


Gurusiksha, a business unit of Prameya Education Pvt. Ltd., our services for tutors are totally based on the android application available on the google play store. All you need to download our app and register over there by clicking on the “Mentor sing up” option. After submitting all details and KYC verification on the home page you will get to know about the details of verified students as per your chosen segment.

All the student connections on the app are organic. Guardian needs to fill up their inquiry on our landing page, with all contact (for OTP verification) and class details. After that our LCE (Lead Confirmation Executive) from the Quality Management Team has called and recheck and verify those details. If anything we found wrong (wrong number/not required/ by mistake etc.) we do not update that connection on our app. After updating the app, only 5 teachers can apply on a particular lead. And guardian has select from them as per their requirement, fees, time, and location.

Yes, it is mandatory to submit your address proof and last qualification certificate to verify their profile with Gurusiksha.

To resolve any kind of technical issues regarding the app or profile, feel free to post your query in the “inquiry” option on our app.

Yes, as we provide only verified connections, each lead has cost a certain amount which actually deducted from your own wallet. To recharge your wallet you need to purchase a particular package as per your requirement. All packages are having lifetime validity.

Gurusiksha has different packages for mentors. As per requirement, a mentor can select to recharge wallet. Though leads remain the same in each segment, additional benefits of every package are mentioned in-app properly.

We have a special short package to top up your wallet after the main package.

If anyone unable to find a single lead on the homepage of our app within a period of 30 days from the date of recharge as per the chosen segment (within a 5 -10km radius for home tuition), then the total amount in the wallet will be refunded to the teacher if he claims for the same. If we are unable to provide you at least 8 leads within a period of 6 months as per your preferred segment (within a 10 km radius of the mentioned address for home tuition) then the total amount in the wallet will be refunded to the teacher on his claim.

Leads are being verified over the phone by our LCE (Lead confirmation Executive) department and finally offered to our tutors in-app. Only 5 teachers can apply on a particular lead. After applying from the homepage, the lead goes to the applied lead section. After getting contact details teacher need to call the guardian for the demo. All the above mentioned lead details will not interfere or provide any sort of coverage regarding the demo, Fees, timing, distance, and duration that is being chosen by the teacher. All these things fall under the negotiable part between the teacher and the parents.

Gurusiksha is the number one emerging educational technological brand in India. It has changed the concept of the educational marketplace of India. From the perspective of a student, we provide qualified and professional teachers, as well as if monitor a teacher’s point of view, we provide verified student connection, so that it will be easier for them to convert tuition. Because of all this Gurusiksha had acquired a great place in the market in very little time.

Online tuition classes have immense benefits that can fulfill your knowledge significantly. We have different online tuition packages for everyone. We provide education from nursery students to the students of higher education. Even we have separate sections for college tuition, competitive exams and even to teach you language and extracurricular activity as well. We are concerned about your flexibility and affordability as well. Payment options are flexible as well. If you have any query let us know and we will solve it within 24 hours.

If you want to make your career in the virtual world by teaching students, then we can provide you with this opportunity. You need to download Gurusiksha from play store and click on the signup button by choosing the mentor to sign up option. Along with this, you need to do KYC verification on the homepage by filling some details about you. Apart from this, you need to fill the area of your interest or segment. Based on this, you will get verified students from our website. If you have the zeal to make your career on online teaching medium, then, you need to try Gurusiksha.