There are certain important privacy policies which we in Gurusiksha maintain that we observe and obey with regards to the use of our online platforms for both our website as well as for our online app. In this policy we will clearly state our practices that how we will store, collect, use, share or secure your personal information in our app and website. It also describes the choices regarding the perfect use, correction of personal information, and access of your rights to personal information regarding the matter how to contact us or any supervisory authorities in case you have any complaint regarding the use of your personal information.
Whenever you visit our website or mobile app then you agree to abide the privacy policy and the terms & conditions. So, please read the policy very carefully before you set your decision for using our services. By using our website or mobile app you clearly indicate that you consent, understand, agree to the privacy policy. If you do not agree to the policy of privacy then you are requested not to use our website or mobile app.
It is our common practice that we review our privacy policy from time to time to make necessary changes as per the norms of the land and as per the need of an hour. In case you are just a visitor then please make a proper note that it is subject to change from time to time without giving any information to you. On the other hand if you are a registered user then we will inform you about the necessary changes from time to time to keep you updated about our system.
By personal data it actually means any information that can help you to identify you as an individual or the information that is being connected to you directly.


Being a visitor you can visit our website or our mobile app and can browse through our service through our website or mobile app for that you are not required to provide your personal data as a visitor. Whenever you visit the site then we usually collect the information and store it to improve the security and to monitor the changes that are required to be made to improve the customer experience. Basically we use this information to track the traffic patterns in our website so that it can prove to be useful to our visitor.
We basically collect your personal data so that you can register with us. Whenever you register yourself with us then we will collect your personal data for if we feel it is necessary to do so like to comply with our legal and regulatory framework for the performance of your contract in a legitimate manner. Basically the legitimate interest means that which affects our business or other commercial transaction or operations directly. In that case we collect your personal information. This should not be over ridden by your rights and interests. Sometimes it may also happen that we tell you not to share your personal information to protect your vital interest of those of another person in order to prevent the chances of fraud.
Our basic objective is to provide you a very safe, customized, smooth, and efficient data to enable you in providing best experience. Basically, we use your personal data for keeping a track record of your activity if you are a registered user of our website or app. We voluntarily don’t make your personal information public just to maintain our safety and security norms we collect your personal information and keep it ready for future use.
When you visit our website in order to purchase our courses then we may collect some of your personal information that you must provide voluntarily using our contact forms phone sessions or chat process.
Contact Information may include your name, email address, display picture, IP address, geographic location or your own phone number.
Information is there in order to enable us in order to identify your mark sheet, passport, your date of birth, and Voter ID Details.
The billing information may include credit card, debit card, and the billing address of the registered member.
Unique identifiers may include password or username.
Reviews and ratings may include course preference, syllabus, account settings.
Information may be provided to us through our service or interaction to our customer service or in the participation in survey’s or in marketing promotion.
We basically collect information about you and of the use of your service for the smooth interactions with us as well as the information regarding the computers that you have used to access our service. This information includes the activity which is going on in your website such as search queries, classes, study materials and courses. Details of your interactions with the customer service includes, date, time, transcripts, of any chat conversation that you may call us it may your phone numbers or call recordings, device connection information. It may include statistics for referring source or page views.( for example referral URL’s ), IP address ( this may tell your general location ) standard web browser log in information or information that may be available by the use of web beacons, and other technologies.
Depending on the beneficiaries line of interest with the help of back end application we aim at providing better services and better interaction with the teacher. It must depend on the interest of the beneficiaries. We also may ask for certain information at any point in time when you enter in our any sort of contest or promotion then also we can ask for your personal details. If you opt for any content and paid for it we may ask for any form of fees or funds. You may enter the contest or any of such promotions that are sponsored by us or any other partners. All the payment transactions will be processed by secured and reliable payment gateway. We are not in a practice to store your card information in our servers.
We you use one of our paid products we basically track the web pages and information’s that has been used by you and it is protected and kept in our servers. The full name of the user and his / her total pictures can be displayed in our website.
Gurusiksha can easily use technologies such as cookies, log files, gifs, and flash cookies for several purposes. This may include how to interact with our site in order to provide you with better experience.

Usage and retention of information:-

Basically, we use personal information that we collect including the personal data that we use and necessary to deliver the required services which you have requested where it is necessary to comply with the legal obligations and the rights for the efficient functioning of the normal business purposes. Our policy can be altered.
We will basically use the personal information to administer analyze the personal information of our services in order to provide personalized services if required at any point in time. In order to deliver better user experience we can contact you on your contact number as and when required. In order to detect, mitigate, illegal and fraudulent activities we can use your personal information.
For providing the localized classes we can use your data and geographic location to ensure better delivery of the services for tuitions.


Gurusiksha is basically a community or a platform where we offer several features that allow members to connect with the teachers and students in an open manner for sharing their knowledge and for preparation in their academics just as forums and teams. So please be cautious while sharing any post in this forum as well as while sharing personal information with others on Gurusiksha. Be aware of the fact the personal information that you are sharing on this platform can be read, collected or stored by others and you may also receive unsolicited or unwanted messages.

Sharing and disclosing your personal information

In our future endeavor we can use the agents of other companies and contractors to perform on behalf of the services on the provision to provide better service to you. While doing so it may happen that your personal data can be used or transferred by us as a point of reference. In due discharge of the duties at that point in time it may happen that your personal data may be used by the third party. So, be cautious while sharing of the information regarding your personal data.
We may use device's camera, media or location to ensure data that we receive is genuine and deliverable for better result.

Your Rights

For the purpose of the maintenance of your privacy policy your data we may act as controller of your personal information.
There are certain data protection rights that we basically follow
The right to delete, access, or update your personal information we posses.
The right to object.
The right to rectify.
The right of portability of your data.
The basic right of protection.
The right to withdraw your consent.


We take all the necessary precautions to protect your personal information both in the form of offline or online mode. We adopt both technical and administrative measures to protect your personal information from the clutches of the unscrupulous elements.
We are not in a practice to sell or rent your valuable personal data to the third parties for the purpose of marketing. We monitor the protection of your privacy to monitor our community don’t entertain in sharing of valuable personal data of yours.


All the rights regarding the content and videos are the sole property of the Gurusiksha and if the contents or videos are copied by any mean then it will be subject to copyright issues both in case of Websites and our app.


All the privacy policies are subject to change from time to time as per the need of the organization and the user need to abide these rules. If they don’t agree they will not be permitted to use our website or app features and content.


Gurusiksha, a business unit of Prameya Education Pvt. Ltd., our services for tutors are totally based on the android application available on the google play store. All you need to download our app and register over there by clicking on the “Mentor sing up” option. After submitting all details and KYC verification on the home page you will get to know about the details of verified students as per your chosen segment.

All the student connections on the app are organic. Guardian needs to fill up their inquiry on our landing page, with all contact (for OTP verification) and class details. After that our LCE (Lead Confirmation Executive) from the Quality Management Team has called and recheck and verify those details. If anything we found wrong (wrong number/not required/ by mistake etc.) we do not update that connection on our app. After updating the app, only 5 teachers can apply on a particular lead. And guardian has select from them as per their requirement, fees, time, and location.

Yes, it is mandatory to submit your address proof and last qualification certificate to verify their profile with Gurusiksha.

To resolve any kind of technical issues regarding the app or profile, feel free to post your query in the “inquiry” option on our app.

Yes, as we provide only verified connections, each lead has cost a certain amount which actually deducted from your own wallet. To recharge your wallet you need to purchase a particular package as per your requirement. All packages are having lifetime validity.

Gurusiksha has different packages for mentors. As per requirement, a mentor can select to recharge wallet. Though leads remain the same in each segment, additional benefits of every package are mentioned in-app properly.

We have a special short package to top up your wallet after the main package.

If anyone unable to find a single lead on the homepage of our app within a period of 30 days from the date of recharge as per the chosen segment (within a 5 -10km radius for home tuition), then the total amount in the wallet will be refunded to the teacher if he claims for the same. If we are unable to provide you at least 8 leads within a period of 6 months as per your preferred segment (within a 10 km radius of the mentioned address for home tuition) then the total amount in the wallet will be refunded to the teacher on his claim.

Leads are being verified over the phone by our LCE (Lead confirmation Executive) department and finally offered to our tutors in-app. Only 5 teachers can apply on a particular lead. After applying from the homepage, the lead goes to the applied lead section. After getting contact details teacher need to call the guardian for the demo. All the above mentioned lead details will not interfere or provide any sort of coverage regarding the demo, Fees, timing, distance, and duration that is being chosen by the teacher. All these things fall under the negotiable part between the teacher and the parents.

Gurusiksha is the number one emerging educational technological brand in India. It has changed the concept of the educational marketplace of India. From the perspective of a student, we provide qualified and professional teachers, as well as if monitor a teacher’s point of view, we provide verified student connection, so that it will be easier for them to convert tuition. Because of all this Gurusiksha had acquired a great place in the market in very little time.

Online tuition classes have immense benefits that can fulfill your knowledge significantly. We have different online tuition packages for everyone. We provide education from nursery students to the students of higher education. Even we have separate sections for college tuition, competitive exams and even to teach you language and extracurricular activity as well. We are concerned about your flexibility and affordability as well. Payment options are flexible as well. If you have any query let us know and we will solve it within 24 hours.

If you want to make your career in the virtual world by teaching students, then we can provide you with this opportunity. You need to download Gurusiksha from play store and click on the signup button by choosing the mentor to sign up option. Along with this, you need to do KYC verification on the homepage by filling some details about you. Apart from this, you need to fill the area of your interest or segment. Based on this, you will get verified students from our website. If you have the zeal to make your career on online teaching medium, then, you need to try Gurusiksha.