7 Important Tips To Improve English Vocabulary For Students

tips to improve English vocabulary for students

English Vocabulary is one of the basic concerns for the students in 2019. For writing a great essay on any topic the vocabulary part of a student must be very strong. The knowledge of proper punctuation and great vocabulary makes a student stronger in creating a proper English write-up for any student in the future. For improving the vocabulary the need for a private tutor is also very important and essential. The reason being without proper guidance it is very difficult to improve the vocabulary. There are certain important tips to improve the vocabulary of a student.

So, let’s explore some of the important tips that you can follow to improve your vocabulary.

  • Using new words:-    

This is one of the most interesting ways of learning the vocabulary to apply the new words learnt immediately. This will improve the power of your stock of words that you can apply anywhere at any point of time. While you converse with any one try to do it in English. If you do that then at the time of conversation you will learn new words from them. This will help you to boost up the knowledge of your vocabulary. 

  • Read every day:-  

Once you start to read new things then your vocabulary will sure to increase. The reason being improving the vocabulary is a continuous learning process. For this reading different kinds of books and word drills are the important for the students. It will enhance the degree of knowledge of the students. More importantly reading newspapers or books on a continuous basis will upgrade the thought process of the students as well.     

  • Learn Roots:-  

Learning the word roots can build a strong base of vocabulary for the students. The reason being most of the English words has been originated from the common roots. Most of the prefix and suffix words have been originated from the Latin or Greek languages. This why if you know the word root in a proper manner then you will be able to learn more new English words in a very small span of time.  

  • Using a Thesaurus:-      

One of the best ideas is to keep the Thesaurus handy. It will help you in reminding that you have used the same new word quiet often. This can easily make your learning process easier and faster. Thus you can express yourself in a better manner by learning new words in a new approach.   

  • Developing the practical vocabulary:-      

This practice actually means that you start your process of learning the vocabulary from the words that seems to be very important to you. These types of words you may learn at the time of spending time with your favorite hobbies or spending time for your vacation. Thus it can easily make your vocabulary strong for your upcoming exams that you may face. Just it requires some amount of attention and time to resolve your weakness on vocabulary.    

  • Learn new words everyday:-   

To improve your vocabulary it is very important that you learn new words on daily basis. There are various ways to do such things in a better manner. You can keep a track on these things on calendar, on your email list, or you can maintain a short notepad or sticky notes on your systems to keep the learning process smoother and effective.  

  • Look up words you don’t know:-    

There are certain words are always there which you often encounter on daily words but you don’t know the meaning properly. In such scenario the best possible way is to collect those words and keep a record of these new words learnt and use them where ever possible. Just you need to track the words s per your daily record. 

 From where you can get quality guidance to improve your vocabulary  

From the online platform of Gurusiksha you can easily get the required assistance to improve on your vocabulary in a proper manner. Just you need to enroll in their online platform to make a move for learning the vocabulary for your future use in a proper manner. To know more you can visit their website. They possess the best tutors of the state to help your child in improving the vocabulary of your child. We all know that a teacher with only knowledge is not fruitful along with knowledge the experience is also required to handle the queries of the students in a better manner. Hence the mentors of Gurusiksha possess the both in shaping up the career of your child in a proper manner.

7 Important Tips To Improve English Vocabulary For Students

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