Your first attempt in competitive exam should be your last attempt

first attempt in competitive exam

step to first attempt in competitive exam is to understand the requirement of the paper. One can understand the syllabus with different weight age and marks. You can even scan different question papers that can provide you an idea about the pattern of the examination. Cracking the competitive exam on the very first attempt is not an impossible task. There are many competitive examinations that are cracked in the first attempt as a universal dream. There are many strategies to clear the exam on the first attempt. You should understand each and every strategy before applying for the exam. Let us understand some tips to understand the latest trend of the competitive exams

Perseverance, patience and proper track are three important tools to crack any competitive examination

There are many students who start studying for first attempt in competitive examinations when they are in a standard 8 or 9. At this point in time, they do not require any guidance to understand the core importance of competitive examination. They search on their own to crack it. The small children who are in class 8 or 9 only can frame ideas about the competitive examination. However, today in this 21st century there is more than required online tuition for competitive examination. You have to choose one tutor for yourself so that you can be guided well. Knowing the exam is the foremost step that is ignored by many of the students. The purpose and objective of the exam provide clarity that recommends a true-entire syllabus. The curriculum also helps to structure and organize the pattern and weight age of the exam and the previous year question paper.

You must organize yourself towards a daily routine

You must organize yourself towards a daily routine that will help you to understand the structure accordingly for first attempt in competitive examinations . The different types of exams are taken to assign different employees in different sectors. Also, you must take advantage of online education that provides a deep analysis of patterns and the latest syllabus of the exam. If you are tired of exams and have no other options left to join any private sector then you should start new. Starting new is a better option than quitting. A tuition teacher for a competitive exam supports you and binds you where ever you go wrong. Perseverance patience is the two most important tools in any competitive examination. You can think of any examination like JEE, UPSC, Bank, Railway, SSC any state-level exam. In every examination patience and perseverance plays an important role.

Following proper time- table to crack any competitive examination

You must follow the proper timetable. It will help you to work in a routine way. The only difference between the student who cracks first attempt in competitive exam and one who is unable to crack the exam follows a routine. Always remember that studying without a proper pattern will not bring success. To fly high and to achieve the height of success you have to work smartly. More than 78 % of the students work hard but the ones who work smartly succeed quickly. Smart work does not mean that the student is running away from hard work in proper time with proper guidance this is the reason why you only need home tuition for competitive exam. Studying in a group sometimes does not work. There are people who think that if they arise any doubt that other student will start laughing against some student think that teacher can get annoyed by asking repeated questions to issues are noticed in many group study. You should go for private home tuition for a competitive examination. The only thing you should keep in your mind is focus and perseverance. You can even learn online.

clear Ias in first attempt
clear Ias in first attempt

Focus on the basic and evaluate timely to crack first attempt in competitive exam

You first evaluate yourself after you complete each chapter of the competitive examination. There are many subjects like-

  • Numerical aptitude
  • Quantitative aptitude
  • Reasoning
  • Science questions
  • General awareness
  • General knowledge
  • Awards and winners.
  • English

You have to complete each part with equal importance. One of the most important parts is general awareness. The more you will spend time in general events the more accurate your answers will be. So the online tuition for competitive exams suggests evaluating yourself timely. From whichever tutor you are studying they will provide you with a set of questions or you can even purchase a mock test. You must take one mock test daily so that you can maintain your accuracy and speed to crack first attempt in competitive exam. If you face any issue while taking a mock test you can immediately contact your online tuition for a competitive exam. They will help you instantly. After completing the year of the festival, get the solution as soon as possible. Never keep the solution for later revision. No sooner than you will get the solution you must start analyzing it. Take the pain and the paper and evaluate where you went wrong for the portions which you were unable to complete, revise it before sleeping at night.

Focus on the stronger part more to make your first attempt in competitive exam as last successive attempt.

Let us suppose you are stronger in reasoning. You cannot solve mathematics questions quickly but you can solve reasoning in a minute. So, give preference to your strongest part more during the examination time in that subject. Weaker subjects will take your time and you will not solve them accurately. It is better to approach to complete the strongest part first if you want to crack first attempt in competitive exam. There are 1.5 months between preliminary and mains examination. Average Students start preparing for general awareness after taking the preliminary examination. Again there are students who start preparing after qualifying preliminary exam. It is a totally wrong approach. You can never complete 3 to 6 months of general awareness in just 20 days. At this stage, you are fooling yourself and your time too. Under the guidance of tuition for the competitive examination, you must start preparing for general awareness soon. Keep a daily track of the general awareness. Be updated with the daily news. Read daily The Hindu editorial daily. These are some point which will help you to craft first attempt in competitive exam.


Competitive examination is not a spoonful of sugar. No one is going to provide you with a capsule that you will eat and crack the competitive examination. One can only show you a proper path. But you have to work on it. It will be your own struggle and your own smartness with hard work that will help you to succeed. The more lately you will do in cracking the exam the more competition will raise. The fresher students are sharper than the past one. There are many departmental exams also. You can try for any of the state or central-level exams. Never underestimate the level of the exam, either it is group B, group c, group B, or group A

However, the title of the block treating your first attempt as your last attempt is itself motivating you to learn to fight with your competitors. Remember whenever you are wasting time there are students who are working hard at that very time. Do not get distracted from your aim. Keep learning honestly. Always give mock test analyze yourself and hence you will also achieve your result in the very first attempt.

Your first attempt in competitive exam should be your last attempt

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