What Should Be The Home Tuition Fees In Kolkata???

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Home tuition fees in Kolkata are very hard to set . There are no standard demarcations on which we can say that this should be the home tuition fees in Kolkata. But though there are certain parameters that are followed in the state on the basis of which home tuition can be fixed by the parents. First is the qualification of the teacher. The second is the experience of the teacher. The third is the coaching pattern of the teacher. Fourth the class for which they are giving tuition. Nature of the subject and the syllabus pattern of the school or the board they are going to teach. 

Hence get an elaborative idea that depending on which parameters the fees of the private tutor must be fixed.  

Home tuition fees in kolkata depends on:-

Qualification of the teacher:-

In Kolkata, the qualification of the teacher matters the most for setting the fees of the tutor. There are certain teachers who are undergraduate but start tutoring at an early stage of their life. For those types of people, the fee structure will be different and for highly qualified private tutors the fee structure will be different.  

Experience of the teacher:-   

Experience of the teacher is also one of the vital points that a parent must consider before seeking the services of a professional teacher. home tuition fees in kolkata for experienced teacher are somehow more.  More the experience better will be the fees. Some times less qualified teachers possess more experience in teaching. They can connect with the students well hence they also can charge high from the parents due to their efficient services.    

Style of teaching:-  

The style or technique of teaching is one of the most vital aspects of a private tutor. home tuition fees in kolkata depends of style of teaching. Some tutor’s are of a habit that they can make difficult topic easy for the students. On the other hand, there are certain teachers who can turn easy concepts in to difficult one. So, on the basis of the pattern of teaching a teacher can charge as per their convenience.  

Difficulty level of the board or subject:-    

Currently, in Kolkata there are three different boards re operating. They are CBSE, ICSE and WBCSE all these three boards have more than 500 schools each operating under them. Hence the difficulty level of each board is different from each other. In this regard, the fees structure of the tutors will be different as per the need level of pressure each board has and depending on the class as well as subject.   

Requirement of the student:-   

Every student is not the same. Better to say that merit of every student is not the same. Some may understand the concepts in small span of time on the other hand some may take more time. Preparation level of the student is also not the same. Hence depending on such factors the fee structure of the student is fixed.  

Thus from the above information it has become clear that on which factors the fees of the private tutor will be fixed. But there is one such platform in Kolkata where parents can get screened teacher for their child as per their requirement. As gurusiksha is a private tutoring platform so you can call us for know more about home tuition fees in kolkata. To know more you can visit the official website of Gurusiksha to get a better insight about their services.    

What Should Be The Home Tuition Fees In Kolkata???

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